What we do

The Dental Truck is a mobile dental clinic delivering vital dental services to communities in need. These communities include but are not limited to:

  • Indigenous Australians
  • Residents in remote towns in Australia
  • Residents of Aged Care Facilities
  • Those experiencing homelessness
  • Refugees and asylum seekers

Individuals in these communities continually suffer dental pain and poor oral health outcomes due to strong barriers to accessing treatment. We are mobilising dental equipment allowing us to take the service to them.

Why we do it

Dental health, like all health, is a basic human right. After all, the mouth is a part of the body.

However, dentistry is not subsidised by Medicare. Australians contribute 58% of total dental expenditure out of their own pocket compared with 12% that they have to contribute for the rest of the body. Not having government support also means that basic dental treatment is difficult to afford for many Australians. 

Now those eligible for public dental services amount to 36% of Australia’s population. However, government resources are only equipped to support one-fifth of this population group. So the public dental waiting lists are significant with many patients waiting up to two years to access comprehensive dental treatment.

And there are other difficulties too.

Many residents in rural areas are hundreds of kilometres from the nearest dentist. So the tyranny of distance can also be a huge barrier.

Oral health care and management in residential aged care facilities is frequently under par due to the difficulty in taking residents to a dentist. 

The cost to individuals

Dental conditions

Impact on quality of life

Potentiates systemic health conditions

The cost to government

In 2016-2017, dental conditions were second only to urinary tract infections as the leading cause of potentially preventable hospitalisations (PPHs). There were over 70,000 dental related PPHs at a cost of $230m to the government.

The Dental Truck's work is aiming to reduce these PPHs in communities with difficulty accessing dental treatment.

The time for action is now!

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