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The Dental Truck is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to deliver comprehensive dental services to communities in need. In doing so we aim to restore health, confidence and most importantly dignity to people that are often forgotten or ignored.

I spent two weeks in agony. I travelled 500km to get my tooth fixed. I lost a day of work - but I could afford it. And I'm one of the lucky ones...

~ Andrew (Quilpie, Qld)

Imagine you woke up with a toothache in your front tooth and couldn't afford to have your pain relieved.

Imagine it was a 500km round trip to the nearest dentist.

Imagine you were unable to access a dentist because you were residing in an aged care residence.

Imagine if the waiting list to see a public dentist was two years long.

Did you know that this is a reality for thousands of Australians? Is that fair?

Why are individuals paying almost five times more for their teeth than their bodies? 

Why are Australians waiting up to 2 years to see a public dentist?

Why does Medicare not cover dental?

Why is the mouth not featured in health policy?

Australia, the time for action is now!

What we need is your support.

Donate, spread awareness, share our plight, support us and together we can change the oral health outcomes for Australians in the many years to come.

The state of Dentistry in Australia

1.  Inadequate resources

36% of Australians are eligible for public dental treatment but state governments are able to help only one-fifth of this group.
The are 77 dentists per 100,000 people in metropolitan cities compared to only 22.7 dentists per 100,000 people in rural Australia

2.  Private dental not subsidised

Private dentistry is expensive because it is not subsidised by Medicare like general health is.

3.  You pay for dental treatment

In 2017, whilst Australians out of pocket expenses for total medical expenditure was 12% but their contribution to total dental expenditure was 58%.
Why is oral health considered a luxury by government such that individuals have to pay almost five times more for their teeth than their bodies? 

4.  Dental treatment delayed

Consequently, many Australians put off dental treatment which affects their oral and general health.

5.  Costing individuals and government

In 2016-2017, dental diseases accounted for 70,000 potentially preventable acute hospitalisations, second only to urinary tract infections. The oral health of Australians is costing individual Australians as well as the government.

The time for action is now!

Donate to The Dental Truck

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